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A Social Enterprise centered around concepts of Social Development and Growth in KPK, Pakistan!

Sana Dairy Amdan Farm is the winner of Pakistan Government KPK Impact Challenge for Social Startups ( conducted in partnership with LUMS - Lahore University of Management Sciences) and is registered under Corporate Government Act of 1932.

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About Us


Established in 2018, we work for the holistic development of society and attainment of sustainable development goal at local level through creation of sustainable condition of social and economic development by keeping in view inclusiveness in term of gender in livestock in Pakistan, accessibility, participation and empowerment of vulnerable women through revolving livestock Model and building their knowledge on dairy management. All the above mention phenomena is a necessary catalyst for a inclusive, economic prosperity of marginalized section and democratic society, where premium is placed on human dignity through the provision of basic needs, liberty, equality and freedom. “Be the change you want to see in the world” is true enough and inspire Sana dairy amdan Farm to create opportunity and resources, irrespective of their educational level, for helping vulnerable women in rural area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


We aim to ensure participation, voice and build feeling of independence in society. In this way Sana dairy Amdan farm strive beyond the providing food.The major goal and objective of sana dairy amdan farm is sustainability- enterprise partner and beneficiary in achieving self-reliance. It been constant endeavor at sana dairy amdan farm to stay connected with its stakeholder and uphold institutional structure. The Name and corporate tag like Amdan farm, “white revolution” and “committed to quality” respectively captured the essence of this social enterprise of what it stand for. Sana dairy amdan farm is committed to bring and instill happiness in all lives especially vulnerable women by eliminating poverty and dependency over others


Providing Quality milk to the customer at the affordable price and combating against chronic poverty in sustainable way to become one of the leading dairy farm business brand with commitment to holistic development of community, we serve. With dedication and pride, we will continue to serve our customers, farmers and rural Pakistan to attempt the impossible with nothing while creating possitive impact for community, cow and and dairy business and provide Sustainable livelihood development of chronic poor households through revolving livestock model.

Environment and Innovation

Keeping in view the threat of climate change and significance of environmental protection and modern innovation, Sana dairy amdan farm has implemented practice of reducing carbon, recycling farm waste and solar energy. The farm have own small sized solar plant that provide clean energy. Modern innovative technology and approved utensil i.e insulate milk container and milking machines are installed in farm to make it more efficient and hygienic.

Milking Hygiene

Sana dairy amdan farm matiantian stringent measure to ensure quality and purity of milk and milk products provided to its customer. Its with intent to lunch various process i.e. clarification, pasteurization and standardization. hence we are committed to : 1- Clean and hygienic production with optimise resource utilization. 2- technology and process to enhance productivity and ensure quality at competitive price. 3- Develop and empower women for creating vibrant work opportunity that encourage excellency and economic independency.

Revolving LiveStock Model

Chronically poor households are identified, trained and offered 1 cow and other cattle (may include buffalo, poultry, seeds). women Members of the household are trained on cow or buffalo farming in collaboration with District livestock department. In a time span of 2 years 1 cow and 1 cow off-springs are recovered from each household and transferred to the other households in the next cycle making this model self-sustainable. The produce which includes milk, butter, organic food are collected from the households. After grading and packaging it is sold in the market with our brand name with all the producers being the direct shareholders of Sana Dairy amdan farm. So in this way even after the recovery from the households they become life long suppliers of their produce for Sana dairy amdan farm.

Built With a PURPOSE!


Provision of High Quality Products.


Alleviation of local Poverty


Revision of Gender Norms

Sana in Society

Saving Lives

Saving life is an attempt to address workplace, school safety and pre ambulance case and hand on emergency training that focus on the physical and emotional aspect of first aid literacy. Navigating mental health and wellbeing- with team psychologist and mental health specialist design interactive awareness session & seminars to train women enterprise leader on social issues as well as the predominant stigma and with an emphasize on psychological first aid. Relive now and …., which offer psychological counciling online and in person is in collaboration implementing this initiative.




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Nutrition Support

In commitment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) 3 and cognizant to the prevailed mal-nutrition in under privileged and poor household in rural area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Aware of common goal and development ahead of us in pursuit of good life for self and other around us: now therefore Sana Dairy Amdan farm provide milk and create awareness about good health in those rural area, who need and deserve them the best. The recipient mainly include student of selected school in rural areas. This program also support educational and community welfare oriented local organization that working with destitute women, children and disabled.

Health Awareness

Stronger Pakistan

Parents and Teachers Education

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Sana Dairy Amdan Farm striving for the transformation of vulnerable rural women in khyber Pakhtunkhwa into healthy, empowered and resilient individual to face the world with confidence. In menstrual hygiene drive we conduct community awareness campaign in various rural area, school puberty education program and MHM training. Our drive with name Hygiene Bashali that helped out marginalized Kalasha women has won generation unlimited youth challenge from Pakistan and made a place in global finalist. All women deserve dignified treatment

Womenhood with diginity

Ending Taboos

Female Hygiene

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Women Empowerment

For many rural women, life is characterised by dependence not dignity. When women trapped in system that curb her natural right of education, inheritance and liberty - when odd are stacked entirely against them – many leave never to return. Sana dairy amdan farm choose to make the journey home committed to change that change the role of rural women – from one of vulnerability to that of effective change maker through revolving livestock model in rural area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa- affirmative and concrete in deliverables outcomes. We didn’t just want to simply beat the odd but determined to change them through tackling chromic poverty, social injustice and gender inequality. Striving for attainment of Sustainable Development Goal at local 5, Sana dairy amdan farm create inclusive, productive and sound working environment through creation of sustainable and creative with in social domain. It will improve life of uneducated, unemployed and marginalised rural women by building knowledge on dairy management. The support in form of training, resources for enterprise, capacity building and dairy skill development will empowered rural vulnerable women.

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Environmental Health

Sana Cares is behavioral change movement for clean and green Pakistan, which involve re thinking our relationship with nature by careing and protecting for the natural resource. Our vision and commitment is also part of the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Compagin launched by the honourable Prime Minister Mr. Imran khan last year. To mark this commitment sana dairy amdan fam will lunch tree plantation of 5000 tree for 2019-2020 year and cleanup activities to offer counter narrative to plastic excessive use.

Clean Pakistan

Green Pakistan

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Campus to Corporate

Sana dairy amdan farm has started this program with an objective of empowering students of school and colleges, leading to improved employability and professional effectiveness. Employability requires three key ingredients of competency - knowledge, skills and attitude. While our educational system and academia has been doing a fairly good job on the knowledge front, but the gap is mostly observed in areas of technical skills development including enhancing soft skills abilities of the students. Transitioning from student life to a corporate one can be extremely challenging in rural area.I n a workplace, efficiency has to be transformed to effectivity. The need for a campus to corporate originates from the dynamic environment that we operate in, though our education system prepares us thoroughly & intellectually, the work challenges require various business skills that are not part of the curriculum in school and college today. In these scenarios, campus to corporate training programs tends to be a boon to these graduates. Campus to Corporate training program boosts the confidence of the freshers and provides them tools like goal setting, team work and stress management.

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